Internet access to Western Oklahoma SKYWARN®

A Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) system is available to access other IRLP connected amateur repeaters and radios worldwide. This system is currently on this channel/frequency:
Channel 3 SELECTED 145.110 - DCS 165 LOCAL Repeater

For the time being, this IRLP system will be connected to a shared IRLP and EchoLink conference. EchoLink users can connect to conference node K5MOT-L (119160) to access the repeater. IRLP users can connect to experimental node 0027. This conference may also be accessed via the network through Allstar HUB node 516221.

If you have never talked over an IRLP connection, please review the links below. One important tip to remember, pause for a second after you key the MIC before you speak. This allows time for remote transmitters to activate across the network and helps avoid dropping syllables or words from the start of your transmission.

IRLP Home Page
IRLP Node listings and status
Operating Guidelines