Internet access to Western Oklahoma SKYWARN®

You may access or monitor our radio repeaters on various Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. This includes Broadcastify, Zello, IRLP, EchoLink and Allstar systems. Our VoIP link is normally on the Alfalfa repeater (145.110). It may be tuned to ether the local DCS channel (165) or the linked DCS channel (712). Our VoIP linked system is currently on this repeater frequency:
145.110 - DCS 712 Linked Repeaters

Amateur radio operators may access the repeater via any of these VoIP systems:

If you have never talked over an VoIP connection, please review the links below. One important tip for any linked repeater system; pause for a second or two after you key the MIC before you speak. This allows time for remote transmitters to activate across the network and helps avoid dropping syllables or words from the start of your transmission.

IRLP Home Page
IRLP Node listings and status
Operating Guidelines

The following systems provide listen-only audio streams. The Zello system provides the shorted delay between actual transmissions and receieved audio.


Caddo County Public Service Scanner

SW Oklahoma SKYWARN Audio Stream (right stereo channel)